He starts the informal movement of Bulgarian sports journalists and ever since 1924 the country becomes a fundamental part of Sport journalism in the world. Bulgaria is a co-founding member of AIPS and that is largely due to his contribution and that of his associates.



He is the founder and first Chairman of the BASJ after the changes to democracy at the start of the 90`s. Petkov worked for the "Narodna Mladej" newspaper and was part of the first colorful newspaper in the country - "Jar". Than he worked for the Bulgarian national radio.

Since 1975 he enters the sports department of the "Trud" newspaper goes on to be the deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

Petkov works as a director of the publishing company "Trud". He is the founder of the "Coach of the year" poll that is still active now. Petkov was the main man in organizing the cycling "Tour of Bulgaria".


He was head of BASJ for almost a decade after Vladimir Petkov. Boynov starts at the "Naroden Sport" newspaper and goes on to be one of the leading writers in the "Start" weekly newspaper.

A widely respected expert in winter sports and water sports, he covered the 1988, 1992 and 1994 Olympic games as he did on numerous World and European Championships in swimming.

Boynov is a co-author with Valentin Serafimov and Ivan Chomakov of two books - "Mexico, Mondial, Maradona - History of World Football" (printed in 97 000 copies) and "The New Kingdom of the Oranje - History of European Football" (127 000 copies).


Chairman of BASJ form 2005 to 2015. He started in sports journalism at the "Start" newspaper and spent 20 years there, doing work for the "World Sport" and "Sport Plus" magazines. He started teaching in the Journalism and Communications Department of Sofia University as early as 1991. After long years spent in passing his knowledge to the younger ones, Efremov became the author of the first textbook in Sports Journalism in Bulgaria. He used to be a correspondent for the "Guerin Sportivo" and "Ma Ball", and is still the media representative for the NBA in Bulgaria.


In april 2015 Naiden Todorov, a sports journalist from the "24 Chasa" newspaper, was chosen by General Assembly wtih unanimous decision as the new Chairman.

It signaled the restart of the activities of BASJ. The Association is now a partner in organizing the Player of the year vote and Best athlete of the year award.

Those two polls are traditionally formed by the votes of the sports journalists.

Todorov had graduated in Journalism in the Sofia University and started his journey in the "Sport" radio station. He was part of the "Tema Sport" newspaper founding team in 2005. He has the experience of commentating live games on the Bulgarian national televisiom and matches of the English Premier League in BBT tv station.

Since 2008 he has been part of the sports department of the "24 Chasa" newspaper.